Posted in Croatia

To : The Beautiful Woman Who Smiled at Me

Today, 19 July 2016, i was walking to my favorite coffee shop in the town; Palma II. somehow my eyes caught your presence, and somehow we caught each other’s eyes. Maybe we haven’t really met each other yet, but you have made my day, only with your smile and “ciao”.

Having my 60 days in this small beautiful town, i have always been feeling like an alien. As (maybe) the only Indonesian here, i found this lovely area as a “cold” town. Yes, i understand why. The war has left deep wounds – and that’s ok. Unusual face feature would easily raise suspicions, threatened feeling, waking up the must deep buried wounds; and that’s ok.

But, dear lovely woman who smiled at me, I thank you for smiling at me. Whoever you are, you have showed me, that a simple sincere smile would ease someone’s chaotic mind. You have shared your inner peace as well as your beautiful heart with me and that means a lot. Your smile changed me-it healed me.



Infinity trapped in space and time. Me; such a limited form of what so called 'Him'.

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